Topic: Winter Robins

My Aunt, a resident of Cape May on Washington St., has observed Winter Robins during the final weeks of December.  She is surprised by the timing.  Can anyone provide information on Winter Robins that I can share with her?

Re: Winter Robins

Winter Robins.  Although robins are migratory, here in Cape May and other parts of south Jersey we have lots of them in the winter.  They eat berries as well as insects and other invertebrates they find on the ground when the ground isn't frozen.  Down here, the ground is frozen only for a few days at a time, so these birds don't have a really tough time.  As you drive the Parkway north and south above Court House, you should see lots of robins at the edges of the marshes and the brushy areas along the Parkway.  Below the Cape May Canal, there are some areas where robins roost by the hundreds.  So, robins migrate into and stay in Cape May during the winter.  Enjoy them!