Topic: NJ Fluke Season Made Official Last Night

I attended the New Jersey Fisheries Management meeting last night where they took the last public comments on what plans the public wanted.   It came down to two fairly close plans.   One included Memorial Day and missing Labor Day and the other, Missed Memorial  Day and included Labor Day.

After a close vote, it was 18 inch size limit, 6 fish a day and the season would be May 23rd to Sept 4.

So Memorial Day Weekend will be the start of keeper season on Fluke.

Re: NJ Fluke Season Made Official Last Night

Isn't the fluke season getting near impossible? The season is farily short, an 18" fluke is a very nice sized fish, and the limit is almost irrelevant, as how many peoiple are going to catch that many fluke of that size? Do you have any thoughts on those points? I find this very frustrating.

Re: NJ Fluke Season Made Official Last Night

No you can still catch a good number of fluke.   Fluke start entering the back bays in April with some of the best fishing before the season opens on memorial day.    Fluke can be caught but you will generally catch a number of shorts before getting one that you can keep.

They have made a good come back and their numbers are up, but the only way changes can be made is when scientific data will support it.   Right now the methods for collecting data are very bad.   They are working on a new method but with economics and goverment problems it is hard to get any head way.

You still can go out have some fun get a few to eat.  The season is plenty long.   You just have work a little harder for them.   

I will still enjoy fishing for them.

Re: NJ Fluke Season Made Official Last Night

Ray, thanks for bringing some sense to my rant. I guess there isn't much we can do. I do enjoy fluking, so I'll simply continue to do so.