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The days are getting longer, the birds seem to be getting more active and the striper season opens up March 1st.   Not that the stripers will be feeding actively, but you can legally keep them if you are lucky enough to catch a keeper size.   Water temps in the back bay are around 39 to 40 degrees right now.   As the days get longer the water will start to warm the fish will become more active.

Reports of the first fish being caught for the year tend to be late March and Early April.   

You can tell we are getting closer to spring.  When you go by the Marinas on the weekends, you can see more people starting to work on getting their boats ready.   Just like the birds the warmer it gets the more activity you will see.

Each day brings us a little closer and it will not be too long before the first lines are wet.

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You must have read my mind Ray. I was starting to look for any updates as to activity. Shows and flea markets only work for a while. I am now really anxious for spring to get here! Thanks for the encouraging update!

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I hear you Dan.  Mind says lets go fishing but the weather and cold water says no.    It won't be long.

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Spring officially arrives this weekend.   Boat is over being painted as I write.   I should get it back next week and be able to put a couple of coats of wax and have it ready for launching the first week of April.   I can't wait!  Even though the water will still be pretty cold, I should be able to get out and search around for warm water, if and when we get some nice spring weather.

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Hey Ray,

I'm new to the fourm, about your bottom painting? We are taking delivery on a new boat in a few weeks. We are hearing alot of different advice on bottom painting. I am told we must remove the gel coating on the bottom which is fine, but we have heard one coat of undercoating one coat of bottom paint, two coats of undercoating two coats of bottom paint, just one coat of bottom paint??? etc. etc. etc. I was also told by a guy at west marine that every coat thats placed on the bottom of the hull will decrease the speed by 5mph???(that sounds odd) what would you suggest, from a professionals point of view?

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On a new boat they usually clean it well to remove the release agent off of the gel coat.    I believe they orginally put on two coats of primer and two coats of bottom paint.     When the anti fouling paint starts wearing and you see the primer you repaint the hull.

When using primer, read carefully.   Some have time window as to when you put on the first coat of bottom paint.    Some have to be painted with in several hours of putting on the primer and others have a longer time   days or more.

Did have a primer put on and it dried too much and never could get the bottom paint to stick right.   Had to have all the bottom and primer paint removed and start over.

Bottom paint may slow you a little but it is hardly noticeble.   If you had lots of layers and big chips or it would matter.   I would guess you loose a couple of mph  at best.

Good Luck

Nice to have it done by pros, the first time.   That way they can lift up the whole boat and if any problems it is their fault.

Having a float on trailer and being fairly low to the ground, and getting a little older, I have been letting the pros do it.

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Thanks Ray,

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Finally got the boat in the water for the season late Sunday afternoon.   After a few days of gale force winds I got it in the water.   Haven't had a chance to fish yet, but it will happen any day now.   Today was thunderstorms, heavy rain and high winds.   The next two days they are calling for high winds and colder temps.   Springs got to get here soon cause I can't wait too much longer.

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I'll be down on Friday. My wife and daughters are going shopping and I just can't. I'd like to wet a line from a beach for a couple of hours. Any suggestions on where to go? Do you think there'll be any action along the bay side? I've read that the 2nd Ave jetty is seeing some action as well. Any suggestions?

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I would try Poverty Beach off the surf, which is the north end of the Cape May beach toward the Coast Guard Base or over at Alexander Ave. in Cape May Point.   Things should start any day now.   We have had blasting winds for about 5 days now.   I still have not gotten a chance to fish yet and my boat has been in for 4 days now.

Hope to get out one day this week.  Had to put Fridays charter on hold, until I know there are some fish around.

Good Luck.

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Thanks Ray. I hope the weather and fish cooperate. I guess clams are best? Would a jig/bucktail set up work?

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It might work if the water warms up a bit.   I was out yestday on a person search.   Water was very cold.  46.2 to almost 51 degrees on the last of the out going tide.   I tried a number of spots and never got a hit.   Even tried clam in the back bay.   Water still a little too cold for good activity in the back bay and ocean,  but a couple of warm days could change it.   

Had a father an son that wanted to fish today and told them to try later when fish activity picks up.   Water still a bit too cold.

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Thanks Ray. I went out for about an hour on Friday. Tried the jetty at Alexander Ave, the wind would gust up way too much. No action at all. Only saw one guy on the beach. It will warm up soon.

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There was on 27 inch bass caught on the beach in Cape May on Sunday morning.

I canceled a charter this weekend due to weather.   Went out today to fish the out going tide tried to see if we could find any action.   It got cold overnight and it was much windier than predicted.   

It felt like winter when we left the dock.   Seemed colder than some days I fished last December.   Water at inlet was 46 to 47 degrees.  Tried rubber swim baits along the inlet and never got a strike.   Talked to a couple of guy tog fishing and they said it was real slow.

Decided to go to the back bay and look for warm water.   Cold really opens the sinuses and a nice ice cream headache when you fly along at high speed.   We tried some shallow creeks and areas where water drains off sod banks.  Water was 47 to 48 and nothing.

Decided to set up a clam belly slick and fished with clams in three good locations and we never got a touch and got blasted by the wind all day long.

Didn't even see the ospreys with fish.