Topic: Fishing the surf and jetties

My spouse and I like to fish the salt water. We usually go by boat for various species.

We would like to try surf and jetty fishing in Cape May for various species.

For starters, we would like to spend a weekend in October learning and trying this type of fishing. We would also be birdwatching and having fun.

Where would be good locations to try?

What specialized equipment would we need?

What bait and tackle stores should we visit?

Are any accomodations specifically recommended?

Thanks for any and all information.

Re: Fishing the surf and jetties

Hi Fishcake
I am new to this board and not sure if anyone responded to you privately or not?

You didn't say how long you would be in the area... CapeMay has alot to offer this time of year (anytime really) I think best place for surf and Jetty fishing... with bird watching thrown in would probably be CapeMay Point Park.

As you come into CapeMay over the bridge there are several Marinas and Tackle shops to choose from and you can get all the equipment and info you need from the folks there... Utches is a favorite of mine, very nice people there.

Acommodations... that would be up to you... there are many and they vary from highend beach front hotels to smaller guest houses to rental homes.

Anyway I'm sure you'll have a great time, theres lots to see and do there... business takes us there weekly and I always enjoy time spent there.

Feel free to email me.

Re: Fishing the surf and jetties

Thank you very much for the response.

I did not receive any reply. Your kindness is appreciated.

Re: Fishing the surf and jetties

I Will Be In Cape May Mid June 2006
Would Like To Know Where To Surf Fish
And What Fish Will Be In At That Time
Also Are The Beaches Open To Fishing During June

Re: Fishing the surf and jetties

Fishing at Cape May Point is always good.  Surf and jetty areas hold fish.   Early mornings, sunset, and at night.   After memorial day bathers take over during the day and you have to fish at the above times.    Fly fishing, plugs, and bait work well.    When I am not in the boat I fish there a lot myself.   Poverty beach area of Cape May is a good surf spot.

Fish Cake, October is a great time to fish.   Many species and they are all feeding getting ready to move to winter grounds.   Hands, and Jims tackle carry most anything you need and will help you with the proper baits and areas to fish.

Can't go wrong with bait anytime of the year, but fish will hit a variety of artificials.   Just depends on how you like to catch them.
You can fish the beaches during the day once the life guards our done for the season.

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