Topic: Schoolie Size Stripers Providing Most of Summer Action

We are lucky to have a lot of resident schoolie size stripers that hang around all year to provide action.   The key is to fish Predawn, Sunset or in the darkness of night.  (plus is,  you will find it a bit cooler and more refreshing than fishing in the hot sun and it is more productive.)

Stripers being more light sensitive go on the feed with the lower light conditions.   Most fish range from the 17 to 26 to 27 inches in length with an occassional keeper.

The two most exciting ways to catch them is on a fly rod or using a surface popping plug for the spin anglers.   Nothing like having a bass blast a popper in 3 to 4 feet of water.   They hit is like a polaris missle and make some nice runs as they can not go deep.

The key to catching summer bass is Time of day and location.   You have to think like a fish and ask yourself where would I be looking for an easy meal if I was a fish.