Topic: star drag vs lever drag

confused about what is better for an all around boat reel...i have decided to buy a pair of penn int torque reels...thinkin either the 100 or 200 series but not sure about the star drag or the lever drag...any help would be helpful...i have always used the star drag but what benifits, if any, does a lever drag have?

Re: star drag vs lever drag

lever drags are much easier to addjust than a star drag.   Also if you are live lining a live bait you can set the drag very light with the lever and then move it up as needed when hooking or fighting a fish.

It works very well when trolling offshore as you want to adjust the drag during the fight.   They are usually more expensive than star drags.

There is nothing wrong with star drags I have used them for years and still do.  All drags when set right you will have no problems.

Re: star drag vs lever drag

thanks Ray...decided to go with the lever...tks again...was fishing the point and sunset beach area thurs and friday...finally bass in the area...been awhile....going out tonight....we shall see..