Topic: New Year's Fishing

Hi Ray. I am coming down for several days for the New Year celebration. I agree with you that you catch 'em if you're not out there, so I'll be bringing my rod and reel. Any suggestions on what may be around? any stripers? Would I be better off on the beachfront? or along some of the various banks? or even Sunset Beach? Any thoughts and comments are always appreciated.

Re: New Year's Fishing

Don't know what to tell you.   We had a cold spell and I know the back bay and beach waters dropped quite a bit.   Guys catching in boat where fishing the deeper offshore area where the bottom water would be a little warmer.

Wouldn't hurt to try.  You might also find some small ling along the beach at this time of the year.  You are a better man than me.   I am content to sit inside where it is warm and clean fishing gear or tie new flies.

Let us know if you catch anything.   Bait might be difficult to get as most tackle shops are closed.   Maybe lobster house might have something (clams) to use.    Better idea< got get some fresh seafood and cook it up and enjoy while watching a football game inside where is warm and go for a walk up the beach at half time.

Either way have a good NEW YEAR.

Re: New Year's Fishing

I gave it a shot on New Years Day (Friday). I got out around dawn (obviously not much going on New Years Eve). As it turned out, that was the only day fishing was possible. The water was dirty and the surf was churning. Went off the beach at Alexander Ave. Not another sole in site. I trued using various Gulp products (clams, eels, etc), as the bait shops were closed. I stayed out for a couple of hours with no action.  It was nice to get out and relax. I think I'm finished until spring.

Re: New Year's Fishing

Yea it is pretty much party over till spring.   It has been bone chilling cold with ice on creeks and if you look at the ice pictures on the home page you will definately know it is over.