Topic: We we ever see Spring?

It has been a tough winter here in Cape May.   We have had more snow this year than Buffalo New York and it has been so cold not much has melted.   Usually I am getting itchy to start working on the boat to get it ready for the season, but right now the snow is piled up so high all around it that I hope it will be gone by April.

On a high note I have gotten most all of my tackle ready and have made lots of new flies.

Did hear a report of the first laughing gulls over by Shaw Crest.   It was only a small batch but that is very early as they usually come in force in March.

With the heavy snow showers today it is hard to imagine that it will be getting warm anytime soon.

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Hello Ray,

I hope your cabin fever isn't to bad.  I had a question for you (it is kind of basic).  I have been fishing the Cape for about 5 years now (all surf fishing).  Prior to this I had very little saltwater experience.  I have been primarily fishing Sunset beach, Cape May beaches,  and the point.  I have landed only one striper the entire time.  I know it is because I fish the wrong times of the year for the stripers from the surf, and this leads me to my question. 

Approximately what are the best times and conditions of the year to fish for stripers from the surf.  And where is Poverty beach exactly (what roads are nearby)? 

Thank you Ray for your help, and also  thank you for your hard work concerning this website it has been a great learning tool for me.  When I do finally make time for a charter down there I am most certainly calling you first.

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mpax,  Fishin doesn't get started till April when the water warms up a bit.   When fishing Cape May Point I like to fish the last two hours of the incoming tide and the first 2 hours of the out going tide, mainly because I like to catch on the fly rod and the water is the cleanest at that time.

Don't over cast the fish as most of the fish I catch are caught from 5 to 75 feet from shore.   Your bait fish hug in close to the shore and that is where you will find the fish.    Also along the jetties is very good with artifical baits or bloodworms on a bobber.

Poverty beach is pretty much from Pittsburg Ave. north along the beach.

The same tides work there as at the point.   The fall was slower than usual but last spring was one of the best in years.   Fishing cut bunker and clams worked the best.    April to June would be the prime time.

Again early mornings and early evenings are prime times but when the water is cooler in the spring and fall any time during the day can produce.

Hope this helps and if you need a charter.   I get stripers all season as we fish prime time early mornings and evenings and there is good action using popping and swimming plugs.

Good Luck

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Thanks Capt. Ray you have been a big help.  Also have another question for concerning casting rods. 
What length rod would u recommend for someone who is casting artificials around piers/jettys/structures from land and maybe the occasional light tackle charter boat excursion.  I like medium heavy action for casting, is this what u recommend?

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You want a light rod. 6 1/2 to 7 feet long should work fine.   I use to like using 10 to 12 lb test line.   With a good reel and drag you should have no problems with most fish you will catch.  You do a lot of casting and with a lot of light weight jigs, plugs or rubber baits.   It makes for easy casting and your arm doesn't feel like it will fall off.

Myself I always use a fly rod anymore.

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I have another question for you concerning conditions for the spring striper bite.  What do you think the optimum water temp is for the spring run? 

Also I was wondering if you still target striper in early July?  I will be down for a week (July 10th) and I would love to charter the Tiderunner.  I like casting with artificials/working structure and I am not a flyfisherman.   


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Down at Cape May Point and the back bays mid April is usually when we start seeing action.   Best striper fishing is when the stripers start to leave the bay and migrate north.  Late May and June.

July I will be doing striper charters in the back and along the beach front.   Mostly schoolie size bass in July but usually good action on surface or swimming plugs.