Topic: Beach Avenue movie theater

I heard the Beach Avenue movie theater in Cape May is closed, and was curious what that was all about?

Re: Beach Avenue movie theater

The theater has been in the process of closing for years. It was sold to a company "Franks Theaters". the also purchased the Bayshore 8, on Bayshore Rd. They opened the new theater in Rio Grande, a large modern theater, 8 to 10 shows. The Beach Theater was supposed to be torn down and condos constructed. A local group has been trying to save the theater. It opens periodically for some shows, no set schedule. Cape May made the group a abcde as the first part of saving the theater. (I heard the city called the abcde). To the best of my knowledge, things don't seem to be moving in any direction. I'm sure the economy has impacted everthing. So the exact status today is uncertain.