Topic: Family And I Are Coming June 26th-July 3rd

For the second year  my family and I are coming down to South Jersey for our yearly getaway!  Last year we did a ton of things which included:

Touring the Physik Estate
The Ghost Trolley Tour
Washington Mall
Elaine's Dinner Theatre
Lucky Bones
Boardwalk in Wildwood
Cape May Zoo
Coldspring Village
Cape May Lighthouse/Hereford Inlet

I was wondering if there were any other local attractions or events that we should know about or if there were any other fantastic places to eat!  Thanks in advance for all of your help and advice?

Re: Family And I Are Coming June 26th-July 3rd

Places to eat? There are some wonderful places, everyoen has their favorites. I saw your fishing post and I'll respond to that as well, but given your location, I would make the following suggestions:
breakfast/lunch, Bella Vida on Broadway in West Cape May. Excellent breakfast, the coffee is alwys outstanding. They have a multi grain bread that is terrific. There is a crab benedict breakfast which is outstanding. Georges, on Beach Ave in cape May, next to Uncle Bills. I would recommend their Kojack omlette for breakfast. My wife loves their oatmeal with various fruits. She also loves their greek salad for lunch, I enjoy their greek sandiches. Their hummus is the best I've had. This place is cash only.  Another nice lunch is a Blue Pig Tavern, outside. Very good food. A great lunch is on the deck or boat at the Lobster House, seafood is wonderful. Dinner places? High end or budget? Some high end places include Peter Sheilds Inn, Washington Inn or Union Park. My family always discusses which is better.
If you want a great day, try taking the ferry to Delaware for a day of shopping. The ferry ride is an event in itself.  Hva eyou seen a sunset from Higbee Beach? Cehck back for more suggestions.

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Thank you for the list of great eateries!  I've never seen a sunset from Higbee Beach only from Sunset Beach which was incredibly beautiful.  I'll look into the Ferry Ride into Delaware as well!

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Family and I are in Cape May for the same week...this is our 16th straight year coming down! Your list of places to go is pretty simlar to ours....every other year or so, we throw in a trip to the Rusty Rudder....just for the heck of it.  Not really great food or anything, but the kids like going there! lol