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I will be down next week.  Looking for some good news?

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I heard the boats were doing OK. Primarily shorts. I was off of a couple of banks over the weekend and did enough to keep busy. All shorts. I'll be down this weekend and be out again.

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Plenty of short founder in the back bay, along the beach front but keeper size is far and few between.    There are some keepers around but you have put in the time and weed through a lot of small ones.   Boats fishing the reef  and off shore structures are catching better size ones.

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Just got back today, how sad!!! take me back to the point.

The flounder were hot hot hot, but small.  Wed. - Sunday A.M. I would say I caught 200 plus flounder under 18".  However, Sunday from 8-1 I caught to keepers from the point jetties.  18 1/2 and 21 1/2.  Great eating.  use Berkley Gulp Alive Shrimp, pearl or molting.

the keepers both hit on Molting when it was cloudy. 

It was a ton of fun but yesterday the switch flipped and the fish did not bite.  only 4 all day 12-15"

I have to say most people were using a flounder rig and catching a ton of Sea Robin and Shark.

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I have been using the gulp 4 inch swimming mullet on a very light jig head and they have been working good.  All three colors.  They even work when tails are bitten off as the fish still hit them even with just the stub as long as it moves along the bottom.  The even work with half a stub too.  Crazy