Topic: Relocating to Cape May

I presently live in CT but my husband and I are relocating to Cape May...I have to Children, 8 and 2...If anyone could provide me with some information about living in Cape May, Schools, things to do ect...I would greatly appreciate it.... Thank you

Re: Relocating to Cape May

Cape May is a great place to live.  As far as shore towns go.  We think there is none better.   Year round the city always has activity.   Moved here full time 4 years ago.   Understand the school system is very good and the classroom sizes are small.   It is a friendly place to live.  A little hectic durning the summer tourist season, but it is all part of living at the shore.   You might try to get the PTA at the school, they might have much better information for you.  Talking to people who have kids the same age, they could give the A to Z information first hand.    Hope you enjoy Cape May and find it to be everything you want it to be.