Topic: Cape May Jetties

I will be visiting Cape May next week and would like to fish off the jetties/beaches.  The last time I was there (a few years back) the Higbee beach recreation area and the ferry channel jetty (east side) were closed. Is this still the case?  I was really disappointed at this as I fished there all my life before moving to Indiana.  I was also thrown off the jetty at Chrystal & Alexander Ave. Apparently the local residents have taken control of this area (?). Can you let me know what is off limits these days?

I only have two days to fish and don't want to waste time being turned away.  Any fishing reports would also be welcome!

Thanks so much!

Landlocked in Indy

Re: Cape May Jetties

You can fish those areas.  Never heard of being thrown off any of the jetties.   Come summer the beaches are for swimmers when the life guards come on duty.    Both areas there are Sea Herring, some stripers and weakfish here and there.  Everyday gets a little better.   Been very windy down here the last week and the water has been pretty brown, but the fish are here.   Good Luck on your trip.   Hope your stay is better this time.