Topic: next week

Headed to Cape May on Monday till Friday the weather looks good. Hope the fishing is also will be fishing Poverty and Sunset beaches.How has the fishing been at the point since the sand was pumped in.

Re: next week

Point is still pretty good.  Not quite like it use to be, but pretty good.   I fish it with flyrod.    Been a good amount of sea herring.   Weakfish and stripers are good if you hit the day and tide.   Should be getting better each day as there is more bait and the spawning is ending and the stripers should be working their way out of the bay.

Poverty is still good.   There was real good fishing earlier in the week with many getting some nice keeper bass and a few small drum.  Everyday is different so you have to put in your time. 

Hope the information helps and you have a great vacation.