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Im Looking For A Site To Plan A Wedding Mid 2007. Are There Any Regulations That Prohibit Chairs, Arches, Or Flower Containers On The Beaches Of Cape May? Is There A Site I Could Access That Would Explain These Rules And Regulations To Me?

Thanks A Bunch!

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Hi I was in cape may today and was looking for the signs stating the beach rules and regulations , could not find one , even looked on lline , is it because the season is over all the sighns are down ? I could not even locate a clear sign on line of the beach regulations in cape may , can you send one too me I have a bet with someone that there is sucha sign usually posted , but could not find one , Thanks , Joanie

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Just got back from cape may. While we were there we saw two wedding performed on the beach near the Grand Hotel.
The had chair and every thing you would need for an outdoor wedding. Sorry I can't remember the name of the rental service.

I'm sure if you called the Grand Hotel they may have some info for you.

Good Luck!