Topic: Avalanche Migration - sparrows, robins, etc.

An avalanche of sparrows (white-throats, etc.), robins, hermit thrushes, phoebes, etc., including some creepers occurred over the past three days.  Someone told me that hundreds of thousands of robins were likely passing through Cape May in just two days.  A steady flow was observed moving at dusk near the end of Bayshore Road near the canal.  What was different was the fact that the sparrows were moving almost due west and some were moving northwest toward the Higbee area, whereas the robins were moving southwest!  The sparrows reminded me of morning flight, except that they were moving at dusk!  The direction of flight was similar to that of morning flight of warblers etc., but it was lower - many birds weren't even above the canopy.  Any thoughts on that?  The robins were doing their typical evening flight.

The abundance of sparrows and other small birds has not gone unnoticed by predators.  In the past two days, sharp-shins and Cooper's hawks have really been successful at grabbing small birds.  We've seen three successful acts of predation - birds being carried off by predators, which is a higher rate than usual.