Topic: Avalon Seawatch numbers

I was able to obtain some of the current numbers for birds at the seawatch.  So far over 411,000 birds have been counted; about 42,600 birds were seen on one day.  Scoter numbers (presently) are behind from previous years - Black Scoter - 28,000; Surf Scoter - 70,500, and White-winged Scoter - 298.  It has been a good year for Ring-necked Duck - 484.    Red-throated Loons are starting to move - 4,700 so far; Common Loons - 1,200.  Double-crested Cormorants - 185,000.
It has been a slow year at the watch this year.  By this time of year the large run of scoters have passed through.  With temperatures being milder this year, I suspect this may be the reason.  Only the birds know.