Topic: Yellow-throated Warblers!

Right on time, the Yellow-throated Warblers are starting to arrive at Belleplain State Forest-we had at least 3 males singing at the White Pine plantation on New Bridge Road this morning. Interestingly, they were NOT singing at 7:30 when we walked by, but an hour later at 8:30 they were all singing.
This year, there seems to be many more Brown Creepers singing in the woods than years past and we got to see one of those little guys singing his pretty song today! There are two Louisiana Waterthrushes are now on Savage run in Belleplain one heard from New Bridge Road up towards the campground area and another at the "electric fence"area.  Pine Warbler females started arriving yesterday and today, there are many "chipping" in the woods with big numbers of males singing to them. Good numbers of Golden-crowned Kinglets are at the "electric fence" area and some are singing their song as well- we did have a Winter Wren singing there yesterday. Also yesterday, we had a Rough-winged Swallow at Tarkiln Pond on Weatherby Road. There does seem to be more Eastern Phoebes around today throughout the forest.
Happy Spring!!!