Topic: Cape May vacation and making friends there

I was in Cape May vacationing a little over a year ago. It was in October and even though it was out of season it was just beautiful. I live in Woolrich Pa and despite the fact Woolrich is a beautiful little town there is a very quiet serenity about Cape May. I would love to be able to correspond with anyone from there. Even though I am 52 and a few hours from retirement I would love to retire to there. Sincerly, marla Wadsworth

Re: Cape May vacation and making friends there

the best time of year is september.  school is back in session and the weather is still summerlike.  on the flip side it does get very very quiet in cape may in the winter.  jan and feb are the worst since most restaurants are closed and like florida just retirees basically.  the nearest mall is 45 minutes away.  but in season and on the cusp the place is wonderful.