Topic: The Saltwater Fly Fishing Season has started.

We have had a very cold spring and the water temperatures have remained very cold, but it couldn't last forever.  With water temperatures near 50 degrees the first dolphins were spotted cruising up the beach, which means the hickory shad and weakfish should be around.    Yesterday in murky water that was left over from last weeks heavy storm we caught our first stripers on the fly.   Two of us were out and we landed 7 stripers out of 10 hooked and had a good number of misses.

This is good news as it will get better and better each day as the sun warms our waters.   Bait fishermen have been catching for awhile, but if you like to catch them on the fly or artifical lure the time is here.

Re: The Saltwater Fly Fishing Season has started.

Have mackeral been reported from the party boats yet this Spring?   Where can I get nformation about boat fares and departure times?

Re: The Saltwater Fly Fishing Season has started.

Mackeral fishing doesn't happen anymore.   It use to be a great early season fishery the ran till about mid April.   Ever since the Officials that control fishery stocks deemed we had an abundance and allowed our fishing fleets to pound them and sell them off to the foreign fleets off the beach, their stocks have never returned to anything that is fishable.   Even the commercial boats that catch them have a hard time finding any.

Headboats are fishing for Tog and seabass and some for Stripers.