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As a frequent vacationer to Cape May ( my parents went every year for as long as I can remember and I've been going there with my wife and daughters and now their husbands and kids) what are your favorite 3 restaurants? An informal poll for Cape may vacationers not magazines or advertisements. Just curious

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Here's  a couple of  my favorite  places to eat:

Uncle Bill's  (Love the Peach Pancakes)

The Blue Pig


The Ugly Mug ( Great For a Hamburger)

The Depot ( This place is great for sandwiches, It's a little place right by the Bus depot.)

Well I hope you try some of these places.
Have A Great Time!!

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we go to cape may once a year, and have many favorites.  to pick three, I would say the mad hatter, on jackson street (great servic and good, fair prices and if the weather is good, dine outside)  AND THEN the blue pig at congress hall (good dinners, fair service)  AND THEN godmothers, at west perry (exceptional food & good prices)    actually, the food seems to improve yearly throughout cape may.  enjoy!

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Number 1 is a run away: Menz's

2 Boathouse (eating outside at the bar)

3 Lobster House

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Bellseast, I know th Lobster House, but exactly where is Menz's and the boathouse??

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I just got back from a nice 4 days in Cape May.   It was my first time there since I was about 8.  While I was there, I had a great dinner at Mad Batter, and thoroughly enjoyed the pizza margherita at Stumpo's Italian grill.

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Based on Price
best low end - mangia mangia
best mid price - a ca mia (giant salads recommend 2 share 1)
best high end - peter shields

best early bird - (tied)  black duck, merion inn it is served before 5:30 and after 8:30

best local rest.
atkinsons - court house
mangiatta - villas
vincenzos - no. cape may

best take away - lobster house and eat on the back deck

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My favorites -

McGlades - the best french fried lobster tail!

Lobster House - not the restaurant, but the take out

Harpoon Henry's

For pizza - I can't remember the name of the place, but it is at the very end of Washington Mall, next to Acme.  Pretty close to NY pizza. 

Lucky Bones is good, but I miss the Anchorage Inn.

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1. The Lobster House
2. Mangia Mangia
3. Louies Pizza lol

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Here is my short list, tho I have to say I like to go for midrange expensive when I visit Cape May:

1. The Lobster House (absolute must)
2. The Merion Inn
3. The Mad Batter

Honorable Mentions:
Godmothers, Gecko's, Jackson Mountain Cafe on Washington St.

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Uncle Bill's Pancake House (on Beach Ave.) for breakfast
Ugly Mug Bar & Restaurant at the Washington Street Mall
And that restaurant at the end of Columbia Avenue, about a block down from the Queen Victoria Inn

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Three favorites
1-Lobster House, especially dockside on a warm late September afternoon. Crabs and a pitcher. Nothing better.
2-Georges, the breakfasts especially. I love the Kojak omlette
3-Harpoon Henry's, on a warm summer afternoon, with a cold one.

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ya got me at "the cold one"!!! :lol:

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Jackson Mountain Cafe, Uncle Bill's, (Two Mile Landing/Crab House in Wildwood Crest - although we were disappointed to find it closed this summer)

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> Christine09 wrote:

> Jackson Mountain Cafe, Uncle Bill's, (Two Mile Landing/Crab House in Wildwood Crest - although we were disappointed to find it closed this summer)

Jackson Mountain Cafe --had the oysters shooters , both with or without the vodka--they were great!!~ if ya like oysters!:D=D