Topic: Cape May lodging

I went to Cape May almost two years ago before I left for boot camp and luckily, my dad decided to go because I could not get a room on my own because they said you have to be like 25 or something like that, so we ended up getting two separate rooms just both under his name.  Im looking to go back to Cape May June 22-24 with my girlfriend but this time just the two of us without my dad and stepmom in another room, I was wondering if anyone knows of any lodging down there where you have to be 20 or younger to be able to sign for the room.  Any help is GREATLY appreciated, thanks.

Re: Cape May lodging

Usually the local bed and breakfasts shouldn't be any problems. A suggestion would be to look around for local places to rent, decide which ones seem most appealing for your needs and give them a call to see if they meet your criteria.