Topic: Toll Bridge at Cape May Harbor

I come to Wildwood Crest every year for a weeks vacation. I favor fishing the beach at the toll bridge in the harbor. One year I caught 22 Stripers close to the bridge at both low and high tides. Every year since then,it has been terrible fishing in that area. How is the fishing action (Blues,Stripers and Weaks) been lately? I will be coming down next week (Sunday June 17th) and staying for my usual week. Thanks and have a good and rewarding day.      Bill T.

Re: Toll Bridge at Cape May Harbor

Stripers and blues have been around in decent numbers.   Weakies it has been a tough year.    No many so far and very few really big ones.   Best times to fish are early morning and evening.   Fishing changes from day to day.

Cape May Point offers a lot of fishing opportunites around the many jetties and you can fish a number of ways.   Again early mornings and evenings are best.