Topic: Owls

Does anyone know were the absolute best place(s) to look for owls are in Cape May County?

Re: Owls

Owls are tricky - you can search and search with little success, then BINGO, make a great discovery.  Generally, look for roosting owls in conifer groves or other areas with dense vegetation.

Short-eared Owls are easier, as they will hunt over open marshes during twilight, and can thus be seen before dark.  The end of Jakes Landing Rd. is one place that usually has them.

Finally, researchers are banding owls at the South Cape May Meadows for the next two weeks, and if you show up at 8 pm at the parking area along Sunset Blvd., if there has been an owl caught for banding during the most recent check of the nets, you'll see it!  Banding does not take place in the rain, so skip tonight!

Oh yes - there's nobody better than Pat Sutton from whom to learn about owls.  Pat will be teaching her legendary "All About Owls" program several times over the next few months for the Cape May Bird Observatory - including this coming Saturday!