Topic: Red Admiral Explosion

The butterfly of the year is shaping up to be the red admiral.  For the past couple of weeks they have been building in numbers.  This morning we had 10 each on two of our lavender plants and there were perhaps 20-40 more in different parts of our garden-yard.  We've noticed them for more than a month now, seemingly in larger numbers than usual, but within the past two weeks ... 

Unlike the "invasion" of 5 years ago, these butterflies don't seem to be migrating, or at least we haven't seen the steady stream going north (or south).  In that year it happened in late May!  These butteflies are feeding and it looks like they may be mating.

Are others seeing this incredible event?

Re: Red Admiral Explosion

Yes Paul, the Red Admirals seem to be abundant everywhere in southern NJ this year, how great that such a lovely butterfly is so abundant this year.  Butterfly guru Robert Michael Pyle claims from his historical research that "Red Admiral" is a corruption of the original name, "Red Admirable," and he now stubbornly uses that moniker.

The 3 southern NJ butterfly counts are coming up later this month, we'll see if the numbers hold up until then.  We can always use more help with all of the counts, regardless of experience level.


Re: Red Admiral Explosion

We live on Avalon and they're all over the place, including the beach.  Began showing up last week of June and have been increasing.  Our flower garden is loaded, but they move quickly.  How common is this for Red Admirals?