Topic: Common Eiders at the Seawatch

Seven Common Eiders passed the Avalon Seawatch today as well as 1300+ Red-throated Loons and good numbers of scoter.  Also seen - 1 Common Goldeneye, Green-winged Teal, Snow Geese, Wood Duck, Lesser Scaup, Black Duck, and Purple Sandpipers.  The birds were in closer today.

Re: Common Eiders at the Seawatch

While fertilizing my Laysan Cypresses, thanks Gail D., today I had an  iNflux of Anerican goldfinches.  There were about 20 AMGOs and 2 female/juvenal PINE SISKINS. Yard bird 147.

At Stone Harbor (mostly from Nummy's): 7 Marbled godwiit, 20  pluvialis (BBPL), one very late Tri-colored heron.