Topic: Cape May Day-trip advice wanted

Does anyone know of where public showers might be??  i'd like to spend the day on the beach, freshen up somewhere, and change into evening clothes.  Where is a good place for this??


Re: Cape May Day-trip advice wanted

There should be some public showers on the boardwalk there, probably in the vicinity of the convention hall (although I can't recall anywhere specific). But depending on whether you're staying at a bed & breakfast, there might be an on-site shower stall there as well, possibly.

Re: Cape May Day-trip advice wanted

UNfortunately, there are no public showers where you can shower and change into clothes for the evening. The showers are more to wash the sand off of your feet and legs as opposed to a "shower" shower. Obviously, your accomodations should have shower facilities.  There are public bathrooms, but no showers.