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Cape May Garden Journal: Primetime in the Garden

By Jane Kashlak
Garden Editor

July 15, 2005 - Globe thistle and yarrow, hollyhocks and daisies - if June's penstemons and lavender are the lead in show, then July is the garden's primetime event.

Walking through the garden on an early summer morning, with Cape May's famous mist hanging low over the trees, there's an otherworldiness to the place. Nevermind that Garden Partner and I just spent an entire weekend weeding out crab grass and other univited guests.

This morning, I am in garden heaven. The yellow fig leaf hollyhocks, from departed plant guru Marian Glaspey's garden via friend Karen Williams, glow with an ethereal light. The newly opened Phlox are electric. The "Becky" Shasta daises burst with bright white brashness and the "Coronation Gold" Yarrow reign over the herb garden.

At the same time, earlier bloomers are wrapping up business with one last round of color. The yellow daylilies and deep blue globe thistle hang in there as long as they can. The pink penstemon is singing its swan song.

With all the comings and goings, there's more in bloom right now than at any other time of the year.

As the early bloomers get ready to bow out, I can see the future forming in front of me: buds about to open on the Joe Pye Weed and boneset and the liatris. A few early asters hint at what's to come with purple flowers about to pop.

The best part of Primetime in the garden is that the show isn't over yet.


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