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April Flowers: Daffodils

By Jane Kashlak

DaffodilsApril 2006 - Every April, I always have one big regret - that I didn't plant daffodil bulbs in the fall.

Yes we have a few daffodils, and they've gone forth and multiplied very nicely. But we don't have nearly enough.

Is there such a thing as enough daffodils?

Daffodils are so ridiculously easy to grow. And once they're planted, they keep coming back, year after year.

You just have to get the bulbs into the ground in the fall, then wait patiently until spring for those first pretty blooms.

Cape May Blooms

Take a walk through Cape May right now and you'll catch glimpses of daffodils of every shape and size blooming in some front yards, spilling out from behind wrought iron and picket fences.

I'm fascinated by all the two tone flowers popping up - either white or yellow with orange highlights. If you plan it right, you can have over a month of daffodil blooms. Some varieties start blooming in March, others wait and bloom later, with the tulips.

Unlike tulips, daffodils don't have to be replanted year after year. And nothing eats them. They're even supposed to repel moles and voles.

The only thing you have to remember is: Do Not cut back the leaves after the flowers have finished blooming. Let them wither away naturally. Otherwise you won't have daffodils next year.

After taking a stroll along Washington Street and Columbia Avenue and Ocean Street, I'm inspired and ready to order some bulbs for the fall.

I want them all - the pale yellow ones, the dainty miniatures, the brassy two tones. Maybe I'll mix in a few purple and white hyacinths.

Refresh my memory again - why is it that I didn't plant daffodils last fall?

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