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Cape May is Romantic

by Jane Kelly

This statement must be true, because you’re hearing it from someone that has never considered herself a romantic.  Now that I think about it, you’re hearing it from someone that no one has ever considered a romantic. 

Sure, my name has been used in the same sentence as the word.  Usually in a phrase that goes something like “you haven’t got a romantic bone in your body” or “no one would ever accuse you of being a romantic.”  So if I tell you Cape May is romantic, the town must be a veritable bastion of romance.  Trust me.

How is Cape May romantic?  In honor of the upcoming Valentine Day’s weekend, let me count the ways.

Number one.  Cape May is on the water.
  How do you think “enjoys long walks on the beach” got to be a staple of the Personals bio?  Ignore the cliché. Long walks on the beach are romantic.  Some people think they are only romantic when taken barefoot on Florida’s Gulf Coast where the tide feels like the water in your bathtub.  But imagine this.  You’re walking an Atlantic Ocean beach.   It’s February.  The temperature is cool.  The wind is brisk.  Aren’t you going to feel the need for a little cuddling?  I rest my case.

Number 2.  Cape May is a Victorian masterpiece.
  Take a quick look at Victorian architecture and the décor that matches.  If the lace curtains and the rich fabrics and the lush colors don’t cry out romance, take another look.  Could there be a more suitable backdrop for a romantic interlude?  I don’t think so.  Cape May’s Bed and Breakfasts foster romance year-round.

Number 3.  Cape May is full of spots for romantic dinners.
  Man does not live by romance alone but you don’t have to forego romance to feed other needs.  Cape May boasts a long list of restaurants that provide food for romance as well as nutrition.  Even those of who lack the romantic vision see the romance in a quiet dinner for two in a restaurant with subtle lighting, soft music and service that is attentive yet unobtrusive.  I can – especially considering that I never look better than I do in a softly lit restaurant.

Number 4.  Cape May features a sunset viewed over the water. 
Sunsets are romantic anywhere.  Whether you are watching the sun disappear behind the clouds, the mountains or the skyscrapers of a large city, sunsets are beautiful.  But think.  Envision the quintessential romantic sunset.  Aren’t you are visualizing the sun setting over water?  Sunset Beach is one of the few places on the East Coast that features an setting sun disappearing into water.  Even in winter you can enjoy the show. If you’re up for some heavy-duty cuddling, sit on the beach.  If you’re not into the outdoors in February, enjoy the sight from the warmth of your car.   You can still cuddle.

Number 5.  Cape May is full of places to buy mementos of your romantic interlude. 
Cape May is full of quaint shops  -- and I mean truly quaint shops.  The word quaint has been soiled by settings that are only faux-quaint.  Not true in Cape May.  The entire town is an historical landmark.  Shop for momentos of your visit in stores tucked into Victorian buildings that are part of the history of Cape May.  I understand that there are those who do not consider shopping romantic.  In many cases we call those people “men.”  Even if you don’t consider shopping romantic think of the pleasure of picking out an item together than will remind you of your trip to Cape May – which will be undoubtedly be romantic.

Even I, an avowed non-romantic, could go on and on but let me finish with what I consider the single most romantic advantage that Cape May has to offer:

Cape May is in New Jersey.  New Jersey has no self-serve gas stations.  So no matter what romantic activity you select, neither you nor your partner will have to smell the scent of gasoline on the other’s hands.  Now that’s romantic.


Jane Kelly is the author of three mysteries with a humorous twist set at the Jersey shore.

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