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Cape May Winter Sunsets 

By Jane Kelly

sunset on cape may beach

Even the least impressive sunsets offer inspiration. Poets write. Artists paint. Photographers capture gorgeous images. Me, I think that maybe it's time for dinner. We each take pleasure from sunsets in our own way.

I've enjoyed sunsets over the mountains, sunsets over the desert, and sunsets over the skylines of large cities.

sunset from promenade

To my mind, however, no sunset experience surpasses watching the sun disappear into water - which those of us on the east coast don't get to do all that often. Unless we come to Cape May.

Cape May is one of the few Atlantic Ocean resorts where you can watch the sun set into the sea. Okay, I think the sun may actually sink into the Delaware Bay but I don't sweat the details.

sunset over the delaware bay

The sun drops right down onto the water. If you don't believe me, take a ride out to Sunset Beach. And, don't wait for summer. Do it now.

I realize that in February or early March, watch sunset may not rank high on your Top Ten List of Things to Do in the Late Afternoon .

Today is perhaps cold, possibly windy, and probably not the kind of day you're tempted to spread a blanket out on the beach to watch the sun descend.

Drive In Sunsets

sunset beach

At Sunset Beach you don't have to. You can watch the sunset - head-on - from the comfort of the front seat of your own car. Get out for the full experience if you must.

But, if you really don't consider yourself an outdoorsman or woman, don't be deterred from enjoying the view.

sunset beach

Stay put in that soft bucket seat and enjoy.

Emily Dickinson, Samuel Taylor Colerigde and Walt Whitman are among the many writers who waxed poetic about the glory and meaning of sunsets.

Undoubtedly there is a metaphysical aspect to the display of nature's quotidian cycle that encourages deep thoughts about our own mortality.

I don't really go there. Especially not at this time of year. As I watch the sun linger one, maybe even two minutes longer each day the change reminds me that hope springs eternal.

Hope that one morning I won't have to scrape frost from my car. Hope that one afternoon I will walk past lawns covered with daffodils. Hope that one evening I will swim in a warm ocean.

And, of course, hope that one night I will want to spread my blanket on Sunset Beach and watch the sun sink into the sea while basking in summer's warmth.

In the meantime, I'm going to clean off my windshield.

Jane Kelly is the author of three mysteries with a humorous twist set at the Jersey shore.

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