A November Weekday Walk along Cape May's Beach

Posted 11/08/05
by Jane Kashlak

The air is warm but with a nice sea breeze. The sky is bright blue, with streaks of mare's tails clouds.

And Cape May's beachfront stretches out in front of us like our own private playground.

We've waited patiently all summer for this moment...the morning we can reclaim the beach as our own.

Weekends still bring lots of people to town. But the middle of week is quiet now. Peaceful.

We share the beach only with a mixed flock of gulls, terns, and skimmers, who are soaking up the early morning sun.

Although it's November, we're wearing just sweaters. It's that warm. The seaside golden rod on the sand dunes still has masses of yellow flowers, although they're fading fast.

We inspect a rocky jetty that's lost some of it's sandy cover, after the last storm.

Sea foam, big gobs of it, is blowing up on shore like tangles of liquid tumbleweeds. Meanwhile a biker slowly pedals her way along the promenade.

In the distance, the sun sparkles like tiny diamonds on the deep indigo water

The sea and the sky don't seem to know it's the "off season." If anything, they're more striking now than in August.

It's a secret we're loathe to share. After all, it's our beach now.

Such is life in Cape May in November.




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