Cape May's Easter Stroll

Posted 4/17/06
by Jane Kashlak

One of the beauties of living in a small town is that there are actually small town type things to do.

Like Cape May's annual Easter Stroll.

Girls and boys dressed in their Easter finery parade around the gym at Our Lady, Star of the Sea School, looking apprehensive and proud at the same time.

As they hold their numbers, you can feel their excitement and their nervousness. How do I look? Will I win??

The judges have the unenviable job of trying to select two winners for each category. It's an impossible task. Each contestant is cuter than the next.

Eventually, the photgrpahers get their pictures, the winners are selected, and everyone heads home for Easter dinner. Not unlike the legendary Easter parade on Fifth Avenue.

The only thing missing is an outright parade.

Come to think of it - wouldn't it be great to have an old fashioned Easter Parade right down the Washington Street Mall??

Maybe next year.

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