Finally, snow.

Posted 2/12/06
by Jane Kashlak

Compared to New York's 2 feet of snow, Cape May got just a dusting - maybe two to three inches max - from this big February Nor' Easter.

But icy winds froze the streets into ice rinks and whipped up waves into a surfer's delight. In the middle of the storm, one surfer was braving the waters off Poverty Beach, lured by the huge storm waves.

Cape May's streets were deserted, except for an occasional snow plow cleaning up whatever snow the winds missed.

But the town sure looked pretty. Snow always transforms Cape May into a Currier and Ives painting.

Hard to believe that, just a week ago, we were musing about the unseasonably warm weather..

Maybe the groundhog was right, after all, about six more weeks of winter.

I'm not convinced.

Weather forecasters are predicting temperatures in the '50's later this week. That doesn't sound like winter in Cape May to me.

Enjoy those Currier and Ives images while they last.

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