So this is February??

Posted 2/05/06
by Jane Kashlak

Yes, it's been feeling rather warm this winter. But it wasn't until we saw Chuck Johnson standing on the promenade in his bathing trunks that we really started wondering:

This is February??

It's been a rather schizophrenic winter. Some days, you see people bundled up to their eyeballs, facing into brisk north east winds.

Then almost overnight, the temperatures turn springlike and people like Chuck Johnson from Boothwyn, PA head down to Cape May for a quick - very quick- dip in the ocean.

In February.

One day it was so warm, we turned off the heat and opened the back door to let a little fresh air in.

In February.

Friends of ours have started their spring gardening.

In February.

January was no iceberg either.

The month was 9.3 degrees warmer than the average January temps for Cape May.

Ocean temperatures have been several degrees above their winter average, hovering in the mid 40's.

We started out in December with an earlier than usual snow fall, expecting more of the same.

But we haven't seen another snowfall since.

To put the winter of 2005-2006 in better perspective:

Don't think Cape May is in some kind of temperature warp. NASA says 2005 was the warmest year in recorded history.

Forget about what the ground hog had to say three days ago about six more weeks of winter. That ground hog's obviously been fast asleep.


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