Uncle Paul's 2006 Fishathon

Posted 8/21/06
by Jane Kashlak

Every August, no matter what else is going on in our respective lives, our family gets together to catch a few fish in Cape May.

Sometimes we catch a lot of fish. Sometimes we don't. But each year we always come back for more.

It started when Uncle Paul led a little expedition to Nummy Island one hot summer day 12 years ago to show two of his very young nieces and nephews how to fish. We almost lost our flip flops in the quick sand, but we scored one kingfish and some small flounder and sea bass.

And we were hooked. Uncle Paul's fishathon was born

After that, we tried crabbing for a couple of years.

Then we went through our pontoon boat phase. We would pack 10 people plus lunch and fishing gear and live minnows onto a pontoon boat and spend the day drifting through the back bays, catching flounder and weakfish.

Those were some good years.

As everyone got older, we moved from the back bays to the open sea, getting up at the crack of dawn to jump on a fishing party boat.

For a couple of years, we tried night time fishing, taking late day boats that didn't get back until 11PM.

Then we had THE YEAR - when half of us got queasy or outright ill on some seriously choppy waters.

We moved the fishathon to solid ground the following year, surf fishing from Higbee Beach.

But the dissent in the ranks was clear. And this year, we were back on the open ocean, on the Starlight Fleet's 8AM boat.

It was a croaker year, and just about everyone had a fish on the line at one point. Stephanie even beat Uncle Paul and caught the most fish. Way to go girl.

She and Adam posed with some of our catch, filleted by the boat's mate and ready to pop in the pan. Just a couple of hours later, we were devouring those fillets in the annual fishathon dinner.

Then we all scattered - to four different states and a foreign country. Back to day to day life, with its colleges to attend, futures to plan, jobs to do and life to live.

Nice to know that, one day a year, there are fish to catch.

See you all next year.

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