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Quick, before it melts.....

Posted 1/21/07
By Jane Kashlak

Cape May, NJ - Finally, you might say..we get something that resembles winter around here - our first snowfall of the season. We've been waiting since last February for this. Only trouble is, it lasted all of about an hour and a half.

How exciting to dig out the scraper (where exactly did we put it anyway?) and attack the light crust of snow on the car's windshield. To pull out the broom (no snow shovels needed) to sweep away the two inches or less on the steps. To leave shallow footprints on the sidewalks.

If you were up early, you saw some pretty pictures of our first snowfall dusting rooftops and shrubbery. You saw the beach shimmering white against the gray skies. You saw kids making slushy snowballs on their way to school.

But if you got up late, all you saw was the slush. Which is why we took these photos. To prove that, yes indeed, Cape May really did get snow.

Larry Wilson on Bayshore Road measured two inches of the white stuff on his railing at 6:30 this morning. And, for about an hour or two, the town sure looked pretty.

But, soon after that, the warmer temperatures slowly melted the snow away.

Now we're back to wondering: Is there more coming? Was this it for the year? And what about all those spring flowers that have started blooming?

Sort of makes you yearn for the good old days, when winter was winter and snow meant real, honest to goodness blizzards.

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