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Cape May's Spring Winds

Posted 4/16/07
By Jane Kashlak

Cape May, NJ - Try taking a walk on the beach in 40 to 45 mile per hour winds.

The weekend Noreaster that slammed the coast had the same barometric pressure as a low level hurricane. Maybe that's why I felt like Jim Cantore on the Weather Channel as I tried to cross Beach Ave. this morning. Maybe that's why there was no one else on the street.

At Sunset Beach, the place where the ocean and the Delaware Bay come together, the waves were right out of one of those classic Weather Channel hurricane stories. An American flag told you which way the wind was blowing.

Ferry Crossings Suspended

Things were so bad, the Cape May Lewes Ferry suspended ferry crossings both Monday and Tuesday, because of the high winds and rough bay conditions. It's a very unusual move. Usually the Delaware Bay has to be frozen solid before the ferries stop running.

Just look at the photos of the bay this morning and you can see why the ferries weren't running. Ironically, the westerly winds that followed the noreaster flattened the ocean waves while agitating the bay.

Some onlookers had a hard time holding their own near the remains of the Concrete Ship. It was a sight to see - 40 to 45 mile per hour winds kicking up ferocious looking waves along the normally placid bay.

Like I always say, sometimes the best sights in Cape May happen when no one is here to see them.

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