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Cape May's January Thaw

Posted 1/10/08
By Jane Kashlak

Cape May, NJ - Our winter parkas are in the closet. We're strolling around town in spring jackets. There's even been a shorts sighting or two on the promenade. Is it global warming or just an early January thaw?

Normally, the January thaw arrives later in the month, warming us up for a few days before we plunge into February's deep freeze. But this year, cities across the country are basking in temperatures as much as 20 to 30 degrees above average for this time of year.

In Buffalo, New York, snow capital of the east, the temperature was a balmy 64 degrees Wednesday.

The temps hit an amazing 66 degrees in Cape May on Tuesday and 63 on Wednesday.

Even in January, when the town is empty, folks are quick to take advantage of the bonus warm spell at the shore.

One shirt sleeved employee from the Merion Inn was riding his scooter on the Cape May promenade. A visiting artist was painting a Victorian scene on Congress St. A Fishing Creek resident, who had crossed the great divide - the Cape May Canal - was taking a peaceful beachfront walk.

Enjoy the January thaw while it lasts. As former New York Times columnist Hal Borland said in his book Sundial of the Seasons:

"....The worst one can say about the January thaw is that it never lasts. It lifts the heart, then drops it with a cold thud when the warm spell passes and the chill congeals the earth again....But when January does relent, even for a day or two, we can celebrate, cautiously."


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