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Beached Boat

Posted 3/10/08
By Jane Kashlak

Wildwood Crest, NJ - In some ways, it was just like the perfect storm. A scallop boat, heading back from a couple of days on the ocean, got caught in a rare confluence of events on the high seas.

The boat first lost power during a strong wind and rain storm coming out of the east.

Then the boat was pushed to shore, running aground during a higher than normal high tide.

Once the boat was left far up on the beach, strong westerly winds the next day separated the boat from any possible rescuing waves, leaving the boat hopelessly stranded.

This is the drama of made for TV movies. Of course we had to go check it out.

It felt like a scene from Lawrence of Arabia on Sunday. Fierce winds created mini sand storms on the Wildwood Crest beach. You could see the sand swirling across the beach in distinct white lines.

We finally made it through the unbelievable winds to the beached scallop boat, lying on its side in several feet of sand.

Tug boats had tried to right the boat on the next high tide but no luck. The incoming tides were digging the boat deeper and deeper into the sand.

Despite the winds, we weren't the only ones braving the elements to get a close up look.

The boat had quickly become the latest tourist attraction.

And, two days later, the boat made the front page of the Atlantic City newspaper.

That's about as big as a story gets around here. The President coming to town wouldn't receive any splashier coverage.

Perhaps Wildwood Crest should take the hint from all the publicity and keep the boat right where it is. If Cape May has The Concrete Ship, the Crest can have The Sunken Scallop Boat.


Update on March 12: Wildwood Crest didn't act fast enough to keep this tourist attraction. The scalloip boat has been freed. Bon Voyage.

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