What Season is it Anyway?

Posted 4/28/09
By Jane Kashlak

Cape May, NJ — When you live in Cape May year round, there are predictable signs of the seasons:

  • The September day when clouds of monarch butterflies pass through town.
  • The November day when all the parking meters are turned off for the winter.
  • And Memorial Day, when masses of beach umbrellas show up once more along the ocean.

Wait a minute.

The Umbrellas are out

It certainly wasn't Memorial Day weekend, but it certainly looked that way this past weekend.

The beach umbrellas were out in full force.

Even though the calendar said April, the thermometer said summer. 88 degrees to be exact. A record breaker. Even warmer than last weekend.

A nice sea breeze out of the southwest cooled things down along the Cape May beachfront.

What Color is your Umbrella?

But it definitely was umbrella time. That sun was pretty fierce. It made us wonder, "Do beach umbrellas tell something about the people sitting under them?"

Take a look at the umbrellas on the beach Sunday afternoon.

There's the solitary umbrella - all by itself and set away from the others.

There are the umbrellas a deux, two umbrellas that clearly belong together. The colors even match.

There's the jumble of multi-colored umbrellas, most of them seemingly independent, but yet clustered closely together, like teenagers on the boardwalk.

Then there's the very neat, clean line up of identical umbrellas. Not too close together and set apart from all the others on the beach. They almost shout "We are different from the rest."

And finally, there are the true non conformists who go umbrellas-less, despite all the warnings about the sun. They flaunt their independence. No one is telling them what to do.

Well, considering the fact that Memorial Day weekend has arrived more than a month early, that's an additional 30 days of sunning on the beach.

Might be time to think about breaking down and buying an umbrella after all.


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