After the Storm in Cape May

Posted 6/19/09
By Jane Kashlak

Cape May, NJ — Thursday was monsoon weather. Cape May and other parts of New Jersey got hammered by sheets of rain from morning until afternoon. Then it stopped suddenly.

When you live in Cape May year round, you know what the next step is. After the rain, the wind - and the waves. Thursday the waves were unbelievable.

I stood on the edge of the Ocean Ave. beach, camera in hand, just watching.

The ocean was alive.

The quiet, peaceful surf that children play in had turned into a roiling mass of water. Whitecaps as far out as I could see merged into mega waves that stopped just short of swallowing up the beach.

How much more turbulent could the sea get?

We live on the edge in Cape May. We get lulled in by the ocean's beauty and tranquility. We forget that the pretty blue sea can unleash tremendous power when provoked.

I wasn't the only one mesmerized by the spectacle.

Visitors stood along the shoreline, wave watching. A lone surfer on the Ocean Ave. beach tried his best to battle the waves but called it quits.

What's amazing is how such a huge operation like the ocean can turn itself around so quickly - from calm to furious and back to calm within 24 hours.

As a result, the visitors lucky enough to be in Cape May Thursday saw a sight few beach goers ever see - an angry ocean throwing a tantrum.

It was hard not to look back for one last glimpse.



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