The Farmer's Market - eating locally

Posted 7/01/09
By Jane Kashlak

Cape May, NJ — Tuesday afternoon, the opening of the West Cape May Farmer's Market stopped traffic for a short time on Broadway. Everyone was hungry for a little taste of summer.

How nice it was to find local blueberries, potatoes and squash once again. What a pleasure to actually see organic arugula and deep red lettuces - no such items exist on local supermarket shelves.

And what a kick to buy asparagus from the actual farmer who grew it - in this case West Cape May's Les Rea.

It might have been a bit early for tomatoes and corn and melons. But what about lemon yellow squash or pungent basil or freshly picked beans?

And who could pass up the raw honey. This year, for the first time, there are beekeepers from Ocean County with all sorts of local honey products, made in small batches.

Also new to the Farmer's Market this year is Gaiss's Meat Market and their award winning home made sausages - a truly local product. No, we could not pass them up either.

To round out the meal, a local bakery sold fresh baked loaves of bread perfect for pairing with the cheeses from Seaside Cheese, also a new addition to the market. More on Seaside Cheese.

For folks who can't wait until they get home to eat, a new local food concession, Key West Tacos, is winning new fans very quickly. The line for a dinner taco stretched 30 deep.

A local vineyard - Cape May Winery - also has a booth at this year's farmer's market.

The farmer's market operates in the park behind the West Cape May Borough Hall on Broadway every Tuesday until September 1 from 3:30PM to sunset.

You can still find plenty of booths selling art, crafts, even neck massages, but the local food movement is putting a renewed emphasis on what got farmers' markets started in the first place - selling fresh local food directly to consumers.

Can't wait for the peaches.

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