A Warm Way to End the Year

Posted 12/28/09
By Jane Kashlak

Cape May, NJ — We've had storm after storm this year. Torrents of rain. An early, unusually heavy snowfall. 2009 has soaked us and chilled us and left its mark on our beaches.

How nice of Mother Nature to throw in a nice, balmy December Sunday to close out this turbulent weather year.

People were out on the Washington Street Mall and on the beach, soaking up some rays. Never mind that 30 degree temps were just around the corner.

For one blissful day, it felt like spring. Even the parking spaces, usually wide open this time of year, were packed with cars.

Hard to believe the snow had just melted a couple of days earlier. (See photos of Cape May's December snow.)

2009 Weather

We did have our share of storms this year. Two of them even had names - November's Nor' Ida and August"s Hurricane Bill.

There were the Monsoons of June, which left an angry ocean in its wake.

In July, Cove Beach got a facelift, thanks to even more rain and winds. Photos of July's new Cove Beach.

We had three snow storms - December's recent blast of snow, March's Big Snow Storm and a lighter, first dusting in January.

Perhaps we should have known this year would be an unusual weather year. On New Year's Day 2009, stiff winds whipped up the Delaware Bay into a frenzy.

It's no wonder that a 50 degree day in December gives me hope for a kinder, gentler New Year.

Today, I am going to plant my daffodil bulbs.

Have a very Happy New Year!


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