Cape May's Frozen Spectacle

Posted 1/08/10
By Jane Kashlak

Cape May, NJ — It doesn't happen every winter in Cape May, but when it does, you know it's cold outside.

Both the Cape May Canal and the Delaware Bay have started to freeze over. This has to be one of my favorite Cape May phenomena.

There's something awesome about millions of gallons of salt water stopped dead in its tracks, turning into Artic-like ice patches.

Just days ago, we had taken photos, at the same spot, of pounding waves fueled by strong westerly winds. Now, those ferocious waves had been turned into miles of frozen custard.

(See photos earlier this week.)

The canal was looking more like a stream in Alaska. No fishing boats to be seen. The Cape May Lewes Ferry (top of the page) was surrounded by ice flows.

Swimming and surfing and boating are so out of the question.
But it is a photographer's heaven. There are amazing photos everywhere you look. The one above is of the entrance to the Cape May Canal, by the bay.

Unless the temps are super cold, the ice will turn to slush during the day, as the sun warms the water.

But come sunset, we have a salt water tundra.


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