A Winter Shopping Weekend

Posted 1/13/10
By Jane Kashlak

Cape May, NJ — We live in Cape May year round. When people say - but what is there to do in the winter? I say that's easy. When the weather gets cold, the cold go shopping.

Start your winter weekend shopping trip at the Bay Springs Alpaca Farm, 542 New England Road, near Higbee Beach. Out front, there are real live alpacas. Drive up the long clamshell road to the store. Inside, you'll find all kinds of hand knit alpaca and wool items like sweaters, hats and capes to keep you warm. Even alpaca socks for those cold tootsies.

Next, head over to Bath Time on the corner of Jackson and Broad Streets.

Make sure to pick up a bottle of the Deep Steep Organic Bubble Bath, in either Rosemary or Lavender, for a nice soothing winter soak. You can also get a tube of matching moisturizer to protect your skin from the harsh winds. And a little bottle of hand soap would be so nice.

Next - onto the Washington Street Mall and the perennially popular Whales Tale.

If it's too cold to look for sea glass on a beach walk, come here instead. Whales Tale carries genuine sea glass, fashioned into earrings and necklaces by New Jersey artisans. Pick up a birthday card for your sister while you're at it.

Now, take a break and head over to Seaside Cheese on Park Ave in West Cape May (just down the street from the CVS.) Time for some sustenance.

Since the weather is chilly, go for some good, cold weather food like Venison Pate, a Wild Boar Pate or some imported Italian sausage. Maybe a few slices of Prosciutto di Parma? Or ask for a taste of a cheese you've never tried. FYI - Seaside Cheese is open seven days a week, even in winter!

Now that you're fortified, you're ready for the nearby Cape May Artists Cooperative.

Among the many local artists inside the West End Garage on Perry St. (across from Wilbraham Park,) Louise Zemaitis will warm your soul with her colorful birds and butterflies. How can Spring and its onslaught of migrating songbirds be far behind?

One final stop - Treehouse Antiques - takes you over the West Cape May canal bridge, to Route 9 North (near Historic Cold Spring Village.)

Browse through the many stalls of constantly changing antiques and collectibles. Among the vintage items, you'll find some old fashioned quilts, perfect for a chilly winter evening.

If you do your shopping on a Saturday or Sunday, between 10AM and 4PM, all of these stores will be open. Start early - you'll want to linger.

The best part - no worries about parking spaces or parking meters.
Happy Winter Shopping!


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