Digging Out and Cleaning Up

Posted 2/12/10
by Jane Kashlak

Cape May, NJ — So what do you do with over three feet of snow?? Friday, just hours before the start of two of the biggest tourist events of the winter - Valentine's Day and President's Day weekend - it was clean up time.

On Ocean St., a snow plow chomped through mounds of snow outside the Fairthorne B&B. On Jackson St. a young employee of the Mad Batter restaurant chopped up ice on the sidewalks. Even innkeeper Larry Muentz was out there shoveling.

The Cape May area received close to four feet of snow in the last two weeks. Snow mountains have been popping up in parking lots and on street corners everywhere, as this record amount of snow is cleared from streets and sidewalks.

Digging out from under the snow is one thing. Warding off a chill to local businesses is another.

Cape May wants the world to know that, despite the double whammy of blizzards and power outages, life is returning to normal and the town is open for business.

The open signs are everywhere.

Many of the town's bed and breakfast inns have also reopened. Toby Fontaine from the Bayberry Inn was one of the thousands in Cape May who lost power for several days this week because of the blizzard.

Friday, she was waiting for her weekend guests, hoping that a few more might plan last minute getaways.

And, the truth of the matter is that, this year, bed and breakfast goers don't have to go north to Vermont or Maine for snowy ambiance.

What could be more romantic than Cape May in the snow?

Blizzard Photos:

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