What happened to West Cape May's Mystery Knitting?

mystery knitter

Posted 3/12/10
by Jane Kashlak

Cape May, NJ — West Cape May's case of the Mystery Knitter has taken a bizarre new twist.

Overnight, the brightly colored yarn wrapped around trees and poles in Wilbraham Park has vanished.

The colorful tree knitting by the still unnamed knitters captivated national attention this week.

All that's left in the park now are two purple arm bands - one with the infamous SaltyKnits.com tag waving in the breeze.

The Case of the Mystery Knitter now becomes a classic who done it.

Who stole into the park in the dark of night and took down the knitting? West Cape May Mayor Pam Kaithern maintains she saw the knitting still on the trees when she passed the park at 8:30PM Thursday.

Captain Rob Sheehan with the Cape May Police says the police didn't touch it. Captain Sheehan was just wrapping up an interview with the CBS Evening News on the subject.

Peter Burke, a West Cape May Commissioner, claims no one at Borough Hall ordered it removed.

Could it have been a disgruntled neighbor, snipping away yarn in the middle of last night's rainstorm?

Or could it have been the knitters themselves?

higher grounds knitting

Very interestingly, some of the Mystery Knitter's work was left intact on private property nearby.

The fence outside Higher Grounds Coffee Shop is still wrapped in multi- colored yarns. There are even yarn flowers.

Word was out that authorities wanted the Mystery Knitter to get a permit for the knitting in the park.

Was that enough to scare them off?

"Well, we're certainly not going to arrest someone for knitting around a tree." Captain Sheehan said.

For now, there is just one tree - at Higher Grounds - that's still wrapped up in yarn.

But who knows. There are many trees in many places on Cape Island.
Keep your eyes peeled. One day, the Mystery Knitter could strike again..

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