The Case of the Network News Crew and the Mystery Knitters

cbs' steve hartman and the mystery knitters

Posted 3/17/10
by Jane Kashlak

Cape May, NJ — West Cape May's mystery knitters have struck again. And this time, they are not alone.

Steve Hartman, the CBS Evening News' feature reporter, and his TV photographer, prowled through the streets of West Cape May Tuesday.

They were here to do a story on the colorful tree knitting in Wilbraham Park. But the knitting had vanished from the park last week.

Wasn't the CBS crew a little late? Everyone else had done the story days ago. How do you tell a story about knitting in the park without the pictures?

Hartman smiled mysteriously and said with a twinkle, "We have our ways."

steve hartman cbs news west cape may

Sure enough, this morning, the knitting had reappeared. Stripes of multicolored yarn were wrapped, once again, around a lamp post.

The mystery knitters were back at work - just in time for some network news coverage..

The CBS reporter was able to do what no one has done yet - convince the mystery knitters (yes there are several) to go public.

Well, sort of...

He and his cameraman interviewed the knitting guerillas with their faces wrapped in knit scarves.

At the same time, the SaltyKnits knitters have done what no one else on Cape Island has ever been able to do - bring a network news crew to town - in the middle of March, no less.

Sources hint that the mystery interviews were done at Higher Grounds Coffee Shop - where a new lamp post got an overnight yarn makeover.

Of course, the owner was not talking, but there was a subtle hint right on the counter for all to see: a new product - knitted coffee cup holders. And a new sign proclaiming "Knitting is not a Crime."

Remember that, Steve Hartman, in case the local authorities want to question you as a co-conspirator.

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