Cape May Beach Walks: Sunset Beach in the Morning

By Paul Kerlinger
Outdoors Columnist

While most people think of Sunset Beach as the place where Kate Smith sings while the sun goes down (during the nightly sunset ceremony) the beach from the Concrete ship to Cape May Point is also a great spot for an early morning walk.

Park at the lot at the end of Sunset Blvd. -- in front of two remnants of what was once a concrete ship. Make a left at the water and you will see the Alexander Avenue jetty, about a quarter mile away.

Along the way to Alexander Avenue you will have an unimpeded view of the mouth of Delaware Bay to your right and some wild dunes to your left. There are no houses or other human structures along this stretch of beach.

Early in the morning, you will likely encounter only a few other walkers and, more likely, some anglers trying their luck.

This is not a barefoot walk - wear sandals or sneakers. The sand here is more granular than in Cape May and there are lots of pebbles.

Make sure you stop and search for the fabled Cape May diamonds along the way.

Once you get to the first jetty - the Alexander Avenue jetty - you will have to step over a small retaining wall. There are benches - you can sit and admire the view or keep going along the sandy beach. You are now in Cape May Point.

The sand is softer and less pebbly and slopes rapidly into the water. Beach tags in Cape May Point will be needed after about 9 or 10 AM. (Note: These are different than Cape May city beach tags.)

The currents along this entire stretch of beach can be wicked, so swimming is not advised.

Walk all the way to the first lookout - climb the wooden steps along the dune at the Stites Ave. beach entrance to get a panoramic view of the beach.

A round-trip from the Concrete Ship to the third jetty in Cape May Point and back is about one mile. It takes about 30 minutes, unless you decide to sit and watch the ferry go by or watch the anglers try to catch dinner.


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